Help! Should I take my child to the ER?

pediatric care

When is it time to take your child to the ER and what parents should know before going It eventually happens to all parents – their child becomes suddenly sick or injured, and fear and anxiety begin. Should you bring them to the emergency room, or is that too extreme? Sometimes, the answer is not…

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Emergency Care for The Whole Family

Emergencies can happen without warning at any given time. That’s why we’re here to provide you with the care you need 24/7/365. Our facility offers comprehensive medical care, treating major and minor injuries. Whether you require imaging for a broken bone or testing for an infection, you can rely on our board-certified physicians and expert…

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School Bus Safety

school bus

With the school year approaching quickly, now is the perfect time to practice and inform your kids about the importance of school bus safety. There’s no harm in taking extra precautions as we get ready for back to school.   Several of the 25 million students around the country start and end their day with…

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We’re Here for Your Children


We know that kids can get sick or hurt at any given time. Not to worry though; we’re here for you and your family. Our physicians are board-certified and trained to treat pediatric ER cases, and with on-site imaging and laboratory, we are prepared to make your child’s visit quick and comfortable. Our location offers…

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The Gift-Giving Guide for Safe Children’s Toys

It’s the season of giving! Whether you’re shopping for the kids in your life or looking to donate gifts, here are a few helpful things to keep in mind to ensure you’re buying safe toys. 10 Tips for Giving Gifts to Children Before buying a gift, read the label! Warning labels on the package should…

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Parenting in a Pandemic: Back to School Safety Tips

As a parent, there are countless life milestones you’ve been preparing for since you had your first child. Although the first day of school is on that list, no one could have anticipated the circumstances we’re currently under. Some things may be out of our control, but there are ways to feel more prepared for what you’re walking into. This…

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Staying Safe in Public

As Tulsa navigates through phase 3 of re-opening, it’s imperative that we don’t become lenient with safety precautions. Whether you have something that can’t be done over the phone or are just trying to find a sense of normalcy again, you’ve probably started venturing out, or even traveling by now. When going out in public,…

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Tulsa ER & Hospital Implements Dual Care Strategy for Optimal Patient Safety

If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, we are here to help. However, lacerations, broken bones, and other illnesses don’t stop for a pandemic, and neither do we. With our new Dual Care initiative, you can be treated for all ailments unrelated to COVID-19, in a separate, safe environment. We have…

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