Soccer sports injury
As much as parents love cheering their kids on from the sidelines during their big games, there is still a […]
Kids receives school physical
Parents – ensure your little ones head back to school healthy! The start of a new school year can be […]
children safely loading school bus
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child receiving emergency medical care
We know that kids can get sick or hurt at any given time. Not to worry though; we’re here for […]
Family Health and Fitness Day
Get together and get moving for National Family Health and Fitness Day this Saturday, June 12! Family Health and Fitness […]
summertime sports safety
School is almost out for the year, and summertime sports are about to be back in full swing! From scoring […]
Every Kid Healthy Week
April 26-30th is Every Kid Healthy Week! “Each day of the week shines a spotlight on the great actions schools […]
safe gift-giving
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back-to-school during the pandemic
As a parent, there are countless life milestones you’ve been preparing for since you had your first child. Although the first day of school is […]
kid practices COVID-19 safety
Children pick up on their parents’ energy and moods, and they understand something is happening in the world right now. […]