"I had a horrible chronic cough for over a week I needed to get checked out, but I'd never found time to nail down a primary physician. I also didn't have time to wait anywhere with my schedule. Then I remembered that Tulsa ER & Hospital had a 5min wait . Sure enough it was true! They got me in quick and the staff was more then hospitable and attentive to my needs. It's nice to be surrounded by a team of people who seem very happy to be at their job!" - Kimmy McPheters

"Very friendly staff. It was the quickest I’ve ever been taking back for my health care needs. They made me feel right at home. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will not hesitate to go back in the future. I recommend this place to anybody." - Doug Clendenning

"This was the best Visit I had in a long time. They were friendly, caring, and available whenever we needed a question answer, or just “what’s going on!” This is my first choice for my emergency needs thank you to the team over at Tulsa ER & Hospital!!!" - Faze Bubba

"We are Finally back to when Doctors can be Doctors. I thought we would not see this anymore in this day & age. Words could never express my gratitude for Tulsa Er & Hospital. Thank you to all the Doctors, Nurses & Staff !! Felt like I was in a home town family Dr office where everyone knew everyone & cared like you were family. This is our families new go to Er & Hospital." - Debra Martin

"I recommend anyone who has a e.r. or hospital need to choose this place. they got me back to a room in under five minutes. the personnel were very pleasant and friendly. I was seen and treated and out in about an hour. overall this was a extremely surprising and pleasant experience and a very affordable visit." - Derek Smith

"So thankful for the amazing care I received last night at Tulsa ER & Hospital. The facility is very nice and the staff went above and beyond my expectations for quality and prompt care. I was in to see a Dr and being treated within 5 minutes of walking in the door. The Dr’s, nurses and the front desk staff could not have done a better job!! I very highly recommended Tulsa ER & Hospital!!!" - Kandy Keeney